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We can work with your cabinet maker to design the perfect entertainment cabinet to fit your needs


Custom slide out racks from Middle Atlantic add convenience while maintaining a nice look to your cabinet


We can add drawers,shelves or even CD and DVD racks

You won't have to worry about heat with an Active Thermal Managment system installed in the cabinet



We can custom build slide out racks for other cabinets in your house to hide your equipment


Hide your Subwoofer or speakers in a cabinet with some speaker cloth

With a variety of RF remotes and control systems you can control everything with a single push of a button from anywhere in the house



Don't have a cabinet big enough? Why not build the rack right into the wall


Add a sleek look with a smoked glass  door

Locking doors can add some security from kids or guests that might want to play with your equipment


Save space by putting a free standing rack in an unused spot in the basement

Put all of the equipment that you don't need to see here and the DVD,VCR and Video Games in a convenient place near the TV and still control everything from one remote.